Dulcimer Dolls Studio



At Dulcimer Dolls Studio we are able to provide an extensive range of greenware from a wide variety of quality, well maintained moulds, some of which are listed in the schedule on this page. Greenware is poured in NYDP’s Pure White, Lady White slip or French Bisque, depending on the doll and the customer’s preference. Greenware can be soft-fired if you wish.

Orders may be placed either by email or by phone. If there is a particular mould you are looking for that is not listed, please contact us and we will try and source it for you.

To browse our extensive range of greenware, please select the Mould Category from the Mould Register menu below.

Mould Register

Miscellaneous Moulds

Type Mould No Part Name Given Name HeadC Body Size Finished Height
ES2023 Masks Venetian Masks Set of 3
SC259 Bust Gabrielle 5"
SC313 Bust Winter Bonnet
SESC265 N/A Victorian Slipper
SC270ST Fab Egg
DW060 Complete Pierotti Figure All bisque 4"
DW061 antique rattle Humpty Dumpty 2.5"
All Bisque SES491ST Complete Betty Betty