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Entering Doll Competitions – What’s in it for me?

Doll shows and competitions are held at regular intervals all over the world and are well attended by doll makers and enthusiasts alike.

As doll makers the opportunity to enter our dolls in competition can fill us both with excited anticipation and dread. We try to do our best work painting the doll, labour for many hours to complete the underwear on a Bebe or lady doll, then to sew the outer garments, not to mention making the shoes and socks, the hat and accessories! Next we entrust our wonderful creation to the critical scrutiny of a judge. The thought of it alone can be overwhelming, but the benefits which can be derived from entering competition are well worth the undertaking. Every comment left by a judge can lead to better understanding and further enhance both your knowledge and skill as a doll maker. Even if you do not agree with a judge’s comment(s), it can still lead to growth.

Many of my students and fellow doll makers ask me why they should compete in doll shows. After all, they are reasonably happy with their dolls and they say they don’t really care what other people think of them. My answer to that is that there is so much to be learned in doll making that the experience of entering doll shows can teach you. And who doesn’t want to be a better doll maker? Besides, it’s when you continually strive to attain more skills and produce better dolls that you remain passionate about your craft.

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