Dulcimer Dolls Studio


Doll Supplies

Dulcimer Dolls Studio stocks most of your doll making supplies. We have paint brushes, media and china paints, quality glass paperweight eyes as well as round glass eyes, mohair wigs, composition bodies, custom made doll stands as well as those essential assembly items like  neck buttons, head/shoulder-plate connectors, screwgles and armature.

We also cater for your doll costuming requirements with a wide assortment of beautiful fine silk brocades, silk taffetas – in plain colours, fine stripes and small checks, silk satins and china silks, as well as fine cottons, both printed and plain, as well as Finessa voile for the loveliest dolly undergarments. To compliment these delightful fabrics there is also a great variety of silk ribbons, trims and braids. And to complete your doll’s outfit, a fine selection of Swiss hat straw.